Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blackorpintobeans? Week 1: 33-6 Victory over "Musical Theatre"

Adam's option dream come true. That's a pretty deep pitch relationship there AO; tighten it up a bit.

Nice little 3-shot sequence of Seth burning his guy and not getting thrown to. My bad Seth.

Russ throwing it like a baseball and Jeris' swim move/fumble

Just drawing up a quick play or two

Herbstreit calls new recruit "Freakishly athletic."

I have no idea what Ross is pointing at. Not sure he does either.

Remember my pick that got called back because of your illegal rush, Russ? I do.


Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

I like the one of me that looks like I am putting a move on the guy, but really I am losing grip on the ball.

Rock said...

I'm probably pointing out defensive schemes. Someone's gotta call the blitz.

Nice little route there, Seth. Trevor, you have to find him.

Adam said...

Nice job catching the Bowlett (Bowl cut/mullett).